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My name is Julio Torres and Cockypup is the trade name of my design and coding studio.

I have 10 years of experience as a designer and 15 years of experience as a programmer.

Please take some time to browse through my showcase. You might find things you like.

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For a list of my services and skills, please see the chart bellow. If you find something you might need, just let me know!



Would like to hire me, ask me a question or if you are just in a chatty mood, it will be my pleasure to hear from you. Here is where you can find me.

Print Design

From concept design to press approval, I can help you get your ideas on paper. I'll help you choose ink, stocks and processes that best match your needs. I'll make sure the design is not only attractive, but also executable in a budget conscious manner. Business cards, stationary, posters, magazine ads, fliers, brochures, invitations... If you can dream it, we can print it.

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Web Design

Being a programmer myself, I can help you design a website that is not only attractive, but also executable and up to the latest standards. Being a creator as well, I can produce all the art assets needed to make the site communicate your needs. I can help you as well plan social media integration, SEO optimization and content management.

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“Let the vase always shine less than the rose”, said a great thinker. I humbly disagree. Boxes, cartons, bags, bottles, jars, tin cans: they are the ones that talk you into buying a product. Bringing ten years of packaging design experience to the table I would love help you design and produce the best vase for your rose. One that would showcase to perfection that great product of yours.

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Think Pictionary. You give a thousand words. I give you the one picture. Photo-realistic renderings of products, charming info-graphics, quirky characters, minimalistic icons, moody plates. I take your thoughts, adapt my style to your domain and turn your concepts into an image. A very persuading one.

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No need to sugar coat it: I photoshop. You have a picture, but it is not quite right. Maybe the light is too low. Maybe the paper is age-stained. Maybe the Eiffel tower jutting out from the head of your sweetheart is not what you intended to photograph. Not a problem. Retouching, cleaning up, colour tweaking, remodelling, composting, reconstructing. you name it. I take your ugly duckling, show it some love, and , voila! give you back the glorious swan you dreamt.

Software Design

You have a process. Now you need to make it more productive. And you need custom software for that. First, I will zealously make sure I understand every crook of your process. Then, I will design a custom tool tailored to make your life easier. I'll do the hard-work so, later, the software can do the hard-work for you. And if you need me to program it, I'll do that as well.

Web Coding

You have a great design but HTML scares you? I'll code it for you. I'll make sure each pixel is honoured, type tracking followed, each colour is true. With the patience of a scribe monk I'll make sure each tag is in its proper place. The result will be a site coded up to the latest standards that follow exactly your design.


If you need an extra hand to code, I am more than happy to oblige. Either web, desktop or database, I'll take your system design specifications and deliver a high quality software up to the latest standards along with a obsessively clean copy of the source code.
Technology lineup: C#, ASP.NET, HTML5, CSS3, JQUERY, JAVA-SCRIPT, TRANSACT-SQL, Windows Server, Visual Studio, SQL-Server.


I can help you with all your network headaches. From cutting custom patch cables, installing new software and hardware to troubleshooting faulty devices I can help you make sure your new network is neat and functional and turn it from a frustrating headache to a productive asset.